From time to time we are privileged to plan and host special events for the community. These are varied as to content, purpose, and area of interest. Below you will find some highlights of upcoming events. Please consider being a part of these where you can... Enjoy the friendship, make new friends, be encouraged in your faith!






























2017 KidVenture Video Clips...



            DRIVE-IN NATIVITYreturned to Springville in December of 2017

The 2017 Drive In Nativity was a joy for all! 

Thanks to all who visited and provided a full house for this strong message of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

This event happens right on our church property with guests lining up their cars in Drive-In movie fashion.

Sets, actors, animals and a powerful musical score add to the realism and power of the Nativity Story.

Thanks to all who joined us in 2017! Click for more IMAGES!

Planning for Drive In Nativity 2019 is underway!

 EXTRA... Here's some VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS from our 2017 Nativity!