Christmas Eve Service

This year plan to join us for Christmas Eve... December 24th at 6pm. Featured will be wonderful music, Bible reading, Christmas music, a meaningful Candle Light Service - and - Special live scenes from our Drive-In Nativity!
CLICK on the IMAGE below for a hint of the scenes and message of the life changing power of Jesus Christ!

sherry anne concert

WE RECENTLY enjoyed a powerful and truly inspirational concert with Sherry Anne at Springville Assembly of God.

Challenged with hearing loss and other obstacles early in life, she pursued and achieved beauty pageant crowns, athletic awards, academic scholarships, and became a Doctor of Chiropractic. Yet, Sherry Anne still had a longing - an emptiness - that only the love of her Heavenly Father could fill, and He did!

Today, her ministry encompasses music and inspirational speaking, bringing the message of God's unconditional love, mercy, and saving grace to diverse audiences.

- Singing This Song To You

- Overcoming Impairment - from 100 Huntley Street


For over 20 years KidVenture has been a regular summer event each Wednesday in August. 

This year's KidVenture brought the love of God to many families and children from the Springville area! Thanks to all who attended each week.

The Gazebo in Fiddler's Green Park was the location for adventure, excitement and great fun.

REMEMBER that every week and all year Springville Assembly of God brings strong ministry to children in our Springville area. Your welcome to bring you children to our 11am Sunday Service

for ongoing Super Church!


Check out some VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS from 2018!

buffalo teen challenge

It was a Joy to have our Friends visit Springville Assembly of God!

Meet Buffalo Teen Challenge... Part of 150 T.C. centers in the United States and many more around the world. Men who graduate from the Teen Challenge program have an 86% rate of success... meaning that 7 years later they are living a good life and are drug and alcohol free! SIMPLY INCREDIBLE... This is the difference Jesus Christ makes in broken lives.

With all the opioid, other drugs and alcohol problems in today's culture, families need an answer that works for abundant and eternal life! Come and see God's healing of broken lives!

miracles still happeN

FIVE wonderful services that changed lives in May of 2018! 

Each night brought great music and praise, and a powerful and faith stirring message. 

Many hearts turned toward God, more than 60 people were healed of pain and disease.

Many people were filled with the fullness of God's Spirit!

OUR COMMUNITY enjoyed the blessing and love of the Lord Jesus Christ!